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Dedicated to a friend and mentor, BUFFALO BOB SMITH

Bob & Howdy in 1948 Bob & Howdy in 1997

we miss you, Bob!!


YEP..that's really him!
And he was really here!

Howdy Doody was one of the reasons I decided early in life to pursue this crazy business. And believe me...I never would have imagined as a kid that 40 years after my first memories of seeing him I would become his doctor!

He first came for a short visit for minor work in 1990, prior to a rare TV appearance. The boy arrived here again in April of 1995, showing the signs of numerous temporary emergency repairs and hurried patch-jobs and touch-ups, not to mention two fairly recent total repaintings that just didn't do him justice. Howdy had been refurbished and repaired over the years with little sensitivity to his historical "look".



After some very thorough research and careful preparation (using scores of vintage photographs, and after numerous telephone conversations with the original artists who created him), the lad was carefully restored (preserving the original elements) to the way he looked when he took his final bow at NBC in 1960...he was once, after all, THE biggest star on television. He deserved nothing less. HThe end result was that Howdy's facelift was more a restoration than a renovation.

To say it was an honor to have him as a houseguest would be an understatement. Suffice it to say that it was a pleasure to have a part in bringing him back to the way we all remember him, ready to entertain again!

With Bob Smith's passing in 1998, I was honored to be asked to provide manipulation and voice for Howdy Doody's final television appearances.


Click on the picture to see and hear

this news clip of what is probably Howdy's

very last liveTV appearance!

The late Buffalo Bob Smith, who spent more time with Mr. Doody than anyone in the world said: "Alan...Many, Many Thanks...Howdy NEVER looked better"

Thanks Bob...for the nice compliment, and for great childhood memories.


Listen to one of Bob & Howdy's phone messages to THE DUMMY DOCTOR!

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